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At the Applied Property Development Institute (APDI), we recognise the importance of flexible study options to complement your work and family commitments. That’s why we offer a number pathways to achieve APDI Accreditation. Whether you choose to complete the four modules in order,  or focus on a single module only, you enjoy ultimate choice and flexibility to suit your professional development needs.


There are three levels of APDI membership, including:

  1. Associate Membership – enrolled in the program and actively studying. This entitles you to use the designation of AAPDI as an associate member.
  2. APDI Designation & Accreditation – MAPDI. Completion of all four modules, as well as each assessment. Passing the assessment requires candidates to be assessed as being capable to a high proficiency across all required learning outcomes. This entitles you to full accreditation.
  3. Fellow of the APDI – FAPDI. Granted to those who have contributed significantly to the betterment of the Property Development Industry and are an active advocate for the next generation of property leaders.

The following diagrams outline the APDI pathways to membership:

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Discover the different pathways to membership offered by the APDI program, including the flexibility to study course units independently of each other.

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