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APDI Pricing Schedule

APDI Professional Certificate in Applied Property Development – 20 CPD Points per Unit


APDI Professional Certificate Program

20 CPD Points per Unit

APDI PC1 – Site Acquisition and Structures $2,450
APDI PC2 – Property Market Dynamics $2,450
APDI PC3 – Project Investment Analysis $2,450
APDI PC4 – Development Management $2,450
Note: APDI may provide payment terms on request, to assist with Unit costs.


APDI Unit Modules


PC1 – Site Acquisition and Structures

PC1.1 – Setting for Success

PC1.2  – Context and Objectives


PC1.3 – The Development Feasibility


PC1.4 – Market Research


PC1.5 – Highest and Best Use


PC1.6 – Market Transactions and Bids


PC1.7 – Site Opportunity Analysis


PC1.8 – Negotiation Techniques


PC1.9 – Legal Structures


PC1.10 – Transaction Structures


PC1.11 – Acquisition Timing and Cost


PC2 – Property Market Dynamics

PC2.1 – Introduction to the Property Market

PC2.2  – Property Market Cycle 


PC2.3 – Demand, Supply and Elasticity


PC2.4 – Market Participants


PC2.5 – Market Structure


PC2.6 – The Role of Government


PC2.7 – Australian Property Trends


PC2.8 – Global Property Trends


PC2.9 – Analysis Techniques


PC2.10 – Property Securitisation


PC2.11 – Spatial Mapping


PC3 – Project Investment Analysis

PC3.1 – Introduction to Development Feasibility

PC3.2  – Designing a Feasibility Study 


PC3.3 – Essential Finance Theory


PC3.4 – Fundamental Feasibility Analysis


PC3.5 – Altus Estate Master


PC3.6 – Valuation and Feasibility


PC3.7 – Project Capital Structure


PC3.8 – Finance Procurement


PC3.9 – Finance Security and Documentation


PC3.10 – Law and Finance


PC3.11 – Alternative Project Finance Structures


PC4 – Development Management

PC4.1 – Introduction to Development Management

PC4.2  – The Development Implementation Strategy 


PC4.3 – Time and Cost Management


PC4.4 – Planning, Approval and the Industry


PC4.5 – Sales, Marketing and Analysis


PC4.6 – Marketing Implementation


PC4.7 – Price Cost Value Attributes


PC4.8 – Sustainability in Development


PC4.9 – Construction (Part 1)


PC4.10 – Construction (Part 2)


PC4.11 – Risk Management



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