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APDI is accredited with the CPD Standards Office to deliver and award CPD Points for its Property Development courses.  With the APDI’s CPD Accreditation, you are able to learn key Property Development specific topics and gain points attributable to your professional membership bodies. Whether you are a member of:

You are eligible to gain CPD Points through the Applied Property Development Institute’s courses, ensuring that you fulfill your annual professional development quota and also gain valuable learnings from a trusted Institute where material is written in conjunction with our Curriculum Advisory Committee to ensure you are gaining the best-in-industry knowledge you need.

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CPD Topics


Setting a Property Development for Success

Defining acquisition of property and setting objectives. The importance of knowing your context in establishing a project for success.

RFPs, EOIs and Bids

Responding to requests for proposals, the Australian Government’s tendering process and bids, conditions and negotiation.

Market Analysis and Research

How to conduct thorough market due diligence prior to acquisition. The micro and macro drivers on the property market impacting your development.

Negotiating your Objective

Key negotiation techniques and keys to securing opportunities. Knowing when to sell the hardware and when to sell the software.

Fundamentals of Feasibility

An introduction to feasibility and the four P’s of Feasibility; principles, providers, preference and program.

Property Finance Theory

A basic introduction to the mathematical concepts used in property finance, project finance terminology and the role of property in the wider economy from an investment perspective. Key to securing project finance and investment in your project.

Legal Implications of Acquisition

Key contractual provisions of legal structures including liabilities and responsibilities imposed and the main principles of registration.

Principles of Property Valuation

Relationship between valuation and investment, the valuation formula for capital and income, the Highest and Best (most probable) Use assessment.

Capital Considerations in Property Development

Equity vs Debt and Mezzanine finance. An overview of capital market participants and their impacts, providers of capital and costs of capital (WACC).

The Construction Process

The types of contracts required, procurement, maximising output for cost, the right people, and managing people.

Development Cost Planning

Budgeting, the pricing of construction work, stamp duty, rates and taxes, interest, marketing costs, using cost data and the strategies used to manage costs during design, development and construction.

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