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APDI is accredited with the CPD Standards Office to deliver and award CPD Points for its Property Development courses.  With the APDI’s CPD Accreditation, you are able to learn key Property Development specific topics and gain points attributable to your professional membership bodies. Whether you are a member of:

You are eligible to gain CPD Points through the Applied Property Development Institute’s courses, ensuring that you fulfill your annual professional development quota and also gain valuable learnings from a trusted Institute where material is written in conjunction with our Curriculum Advisory Committee to ensure you are gaining the best-in-industry knowledge you need.

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CPD Topics


CPD1 – Highest and Best Use

Understand the concepts of highest and best use and most probable use within the context of land use, market analysis and value.

CPD2 – Context and Objectives

Understanding the importance of identifying developer objectives including aligning of objectives with other participants in the site acquisition process.

CPD3 – Site Opportunity Analysis

Identify and assess a development site opportunity using key principles and processes including site context, planning and concept studies.

CPD4 – Introduction to Development Feasibility 

An introduction to the role of the financial feasibility studies and how various stakeholders use it as a tool for assessing financial objectives.

CPD 5 – Project Capital Structure

A discussion around the use of Equity, Debt and Mezzanine finance and the impact of these capital sources on the financial performance of a project.

CPD6 – Legal Risk and Project Finance

How relevant Legal Principles apply to property development and in particular project finance.

CPD7 – Development Implementation Strategy

Recognise the stages of property development and identify elements of a property development business plan.

Appreciate the importance for the development of a project plan and the design stages, which include consultant contracts and consultant schedule.

CPD8 – Price Cost Value Attributes

Understanding the difference between cost, price, and value. Examining the following key areas;

  • Identify the role of the cost planner (QS)
  • Forecast and cost to complete
  • The pareto principle
  • The attributes of land
 CPD9 – Construction1

The management of the construction discipline includes;

  • Delivering building quality
  • The fundamentals of the ‘Critical Path Analysis’
  • The project initiation document 
CPD10 – Risk Management

Understanding and identifying risks involved in development including the following key areas;

  • Risk management practices
  • Risk reduction strategies
  • The concept of the risk register
  • Response strategies to risks
  • The risk management plan
  • Project governance


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